Agenda for Agency Board meeting on 25 May 2021


Agenda for the Agency Board m eeting on 25 May 2021

The one hundred and seventy third meeting of the Agency Board will take place at 1.00pm on Tuesday 25 May 2021 via Microsoft Teams


    Safe SEPA @ Board Verbal update
1   Board discussion  
2   Chair's opening remarks  
3   Apologies for absence  
4   Order of Business  
5   Declarations of interest  
6   Approval of minutes of meeting of 27 April 2021 Approved minute of meeting
7   Matters arising  
8   Chair's Report Verbal update
9   Management Reports  
  9.1 Chief Executive's Report SEPA 14/21
10   AOP and Budget preparation SEPA 15/21
    10 minute break  
11   COVID waste water testing update SEPA 16/21
12   Board Work Programme  
  12.1 Report on Board Seminar 25 May2021  
  12.2 Board Member Engagement Activity  
  12.3 Board Buddy Register  
13   Board Committee Reports  
  13.1 Audit Committee - minute of meeting held on 6 May 2021  
  13.2 Change Committee Update Verbal update
14   Action note  
15   Any Other Business  
16   Date and time of next meeting: 27July 2021 1.00pm  
    The following items will be considered by the Board members and Officers in private session  
    10 minute Break  
17   Financial update Verbal update
18   Dalgety Bay update Verbal update

Jennifer McWhirter, Clerk to the Board