Board Strategy Agenda 22 October 2013

The thirteenth Board Strategy meeting will take place at 1.00pm on Tuesday 22 October 2013 in the Board Room, Angus Smith Building, Eurocentral, Lanarkshire

1.   Chairman's opening remarks  
2.   Apologies for absence  
3.   Order of Business  
4.   Approval of Minutes of meeting held on 25 June 2013  
5.   Matters Arising  
6.   Annual Operating Plan 2014-2015

STRAT 06/13

Presentation and discussion

7.   Flooding Update Hazard Maps and Risk

Presentation and discussion

8   Board Engagement Activity Verbal
9.   Action Note  
10.   Any Other Business  
11.   Date and time of next meeting: 10 December 2013 at 1.00pm  

Allan Reid, Clerk to the Board