Data information and knowledge

To be effective, we need to keep developing the ways that we collect, analyse and use environmental data. We turn this data into information, knowledge and evidence. The results of our research are included in the table below.


Scottish Microplastics Report - Funded by The Scottish Government Rural & Environment Science and Analytical Services Division


Scottish saltmarsh survey national report


Use of 137Cs tracer to identify spatial patterns of Sediment Transfer PDF icon small (10.2mb)


The impacts of mining on the Wanlock Water, Wanlockhead, Dumfries and Galloway PDF icon small (14mb)


Quantifying uncertainity in critical loads PDF icon small (777kb)

Developing catchment-scale sediment budgets to support development of a strategic approach to in-channel sediment management in Scotland Excel icon small (545kb) Jul-13
Developing catchment-scale sediment budgets to support development of a strategic approach to in channel sediment management in Scotland (Explanatory note) PDF icon small (529kb) Jul-13
Developing catchment-scale sediment budgets to support development of a strategic approach to in-channel sediment management in Scotland (User guide) PDF icon small (323kb) Jul-13 
The impacts of mining on the Glengonnar Water, Leadhills, South Lanarkshire PDF icon small (15mb) Nov-11
Review of metal concentrations data held for Glengonnar Water and Wanlock Water, South Central Scotland PDF icon small (1mb) Sep-11
Saltmarsh survey - guidance PDF icon small (3.8mb) Jul-11 
Ferrybox Jul-11 
S.E.A. climate change guidance Jul-11 
RAFTs project - Biosecurity and invasive non-native species Jul-11 
RAFTS project - Biosecurity planning Jul-13 
Ecological impacts run of river hydro scheme Jul-11 
Ecological impacts run of river hydro scheme  Jul-11 
Signal crayfish in Scotland - poster PDF icon small (9.1mb) Nov-09 
Signal crayfish in Scotland report PDF icon small (84kb) Nov-09 
Environmental Quality Standards for trace metals in the aquatic environment PDF icon small (1mb) Apr-09 
Control of invasive non-native species in priority mesotrophic lochs PDF icon small (1mb) Mar-09 
Joint multi agency/Scottish and Southern Energy hydromorphology research partnership – Scoping report PDF icon small (6.6mb) Feb-09 
Macrofossil analyses of White Loch final report to SEPA and SNH PDF icon small (229k) Feb-09 
A review of vehicle related metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the UK environment PDF icon small (114k) Jan-09 
Soil Remineralization Forum (SRF) developed principles behind soil remineralization for environmental improvement, as an environmental and economic tool PDF icon small (252k) Dec-08 
Risk factors in shellfish harvesting areas PDF icon small (4mb) Oct-08 
Chemical prioritisation: ranking chemicals of concern to Scotland’s environment PDF icon small (2.6mb) Sep-08 
Clyde Water: Ecological networks and river basin management planning - Clyde pilot study PDF icon small (13.8mb) Aug-08 
Alien species and the Water Framework Directive: using alien species forums to address problems in Scottish catchments PDF icon small (1.5mb) Jun-08 
Dioxin emissions from regulated processes PDF icon small (3.2mb) Jun-08 
A comparative review of SEPA and EA guidance on the calculation of BMW content of treated MSW PDF icon small (26k) Jun-07 
Fate of genetically modified microorganisms during thermophilic composting PDF icon small (1mb) Jun-07 
UKPIR 12 - Measurement and modelling of emissions from three composting sites PDF icon small (473k) May-07 
Low Flows 2000™ in Scotland: The Estimation of Natural Flow Statistics PDF icon small (223k) Nov-06 
This code of practice provides guidance in addition to advice on the technical and practical processes and regulatory regimes involved in composting operations. PDF icon small (360k) May-05 
Appendix 3 - Scottish seaweed database Excel icon small (385k)  2003 
Type-specific reference conditions for macroalgae and angiosperms in Scottish transitional and coastal waters. PDF icon small (3.5mb) 2003