Equality and Human Rights

SEPA’s statutory purpose is to protect and improve the environment in ways that creates economic and social success. Our Equality and Human Rights approach helps us think about the different needs that people have and the best way to meet their needs. It encourages us to provide our services in ways that meet our customers’ needs. It makes it easier for people to work with us to find innovative ways for Scotland to achieve the goals of Our Approach to Regulation. We have to involve, consult and communicate with those who use or deliver our services.

We have set out our equal pay statement (including occupational segregation) and our Equality mainstreaming and outcomes progress report 2023, which shows the high value we place on diversity in our workforce and our equality outcomes setting out what we want to achieve for our people and our services.

This work is supported by equality impact assessments on all our relevant policies and projects, these assessments are available on this website.

Help and assistance

If you have any questions about equality in SEPA or require any of these publications in an alternative format, please contact us