Waste Electrical and Elelectronic Equipment (WEEE)


The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 (WEEE) aim to encourage reuse, recycling and recovery of waste to minimise the impact of electrical and electronic goods on the environment.

  • Fees are payable to cover the cost of the environmental agencies.

  • The level and structure of the fees reflect cost modelling undertaken by the three UK agencies and sets their fees at the same levels. The agencies’ cost estimates take account of the direct effort of registering producers and their compliance schemes and checking producers’ market date, as well as monitoring all schemes’ reporting of compliance with their obligations.

  • A separate fee is levied on re-processors and exporters to accredit them to handle WEEE and produce evidence of recovery.
  Per scheme application (£)
Approval of a compliance scheme (to operate for three years)


Annual producer fee (all producers will be registered via a scheme membership) Per member

The scheme member has an annual turnover of more that £1m



The scheme member is required to register for VAT and has a annual turnover of £1m or less



The scheme member has an annual turnover such that they do not require to register for VAT


Approval of an Authorised Treatment Facility (AFT) or exporters where: Per application

The ATF or exporter undertakes to issue evidence notes for not more than 400 tonnes of WEEE in the year to which the applications relates



The ATF or exporter makes not commitment regarding quantity of evidence to be issued



Extension of approval of an exporter to include additional sites for treatment or reprocessing of WEEE


Further details about producer responsibility can be found here.