PPC : Review of the PPC Charging Scheme : Meeting - 27th February 2009

PPC Stakeholder Group Meeting

27th February 2009 @ SEPA Boardroom, Bremner Office





Present:  R Robertson (S.Govt), S Bygrave (UKPIA), , I Norton (SWA), P Loggie (NFUS), M Garden (SWA) , R Christie (SP) , P Smith (NP), S Freeland (SESA), J Shaw (SEPA), J Burns (SEPA), I Halliday (SEPA), N Donnelly (SEPA), Allan Reid (SEPA), Don Mackay (SEPA), I Stewart (CIA), Neil Billingham (FSB),  (B Martin (Scot Eng), Keith Morrison (SP), Christine Wood (CPI)



Apologies:  A Wilcox (FSB), J Sheridan (QPA),), C Bayes (SEPA) P Monger (PRA)



J Burns: Welcome.



Previous Minutes: Approved



Matters Arising: Keir McAndrew – EU Desk Officer for the Industrial Emissions Directive to speak at SEPA on 20th March. Ian Conroy (SEPA) will present on the developing SEPA Odour Guidance at the next stakeholder group mtg.



Regulatory Review Group – Allan Reid (SEPA)

The Scottish Government charged Professor Russell Griggs to consider the regulatory burden on industry and to report to Cabinet during summer 2008. An outcome of this report was the formation of the Regulatory Review Group who are a small group made up of industrial representatives, regulators and Government. The RRG are piloting a project covering 10 sites which are regulated under a range of regimes which will endeavour to improve regulation in relation to business burden.

Issues previously identified through the Stakeholder Mtgs have been fed into the ongoing work of the RRG.

Allan kindly offered to return to future Stakeholder Group Mtgs to report on progress with this project. 



Industrial Emissions Directive Update – Ian Halliday (SEPA)

The introduction of the IED will merge and simplify several existing Directives and consequently the workload is significant. Consultation generated 533 proposed amendments which were then reduced to 63 before being grouped into “Blocks” which were voted upon in Jan 2009. A key issue in development of the IED is the proposed introduction of emission limits as BAT AEL which will be developed as part of the Bref process.

The EU Presidency hope to achieve agreement by June 2009 however there are still ongoing discussions with stakeholder groups covering a variety of areas.

A link will be provided to the agreed amendments in the IED.  Pls see the following:- www.sepa.org.uk/air/process_industry_regulation/proposed_ie_ippc_directive.aspx

A link to the Bref notes will be provided. Please see the following :- http://eippcb.jrc.es/reference external link




Charging Scheme Review Update – John Shaw (SEPA).

A consultation on proposals to link the Charging Scheme Review to the proposed compliance scheme was issued on 26 January 2009 with a closing date of 20 April 2009.

The target implementation date for this review is June 2009.

As with the compliance scheme it is intended that the charging scheme will be phased in to allow sites to initially identify likely costs prior to these costs being imposed.

A review of the compliance scheme will be provided towards the end of 2009.

Following a presentation from John Burns on Stage 1 & 2 of the charging scheme review project the Stakeholder Group agreed that the project was completed and  could be closed. John Burns thanked the Stakeholder Group for their input to the development of Stage 1 & 2 which had benefited the scheme considerably.




Carbon Reduction Commitment – Don Mackay (SEPA)

CRC is a mandatory climate change and energy saving scheme for the UK. It is a central part of the UK’s strategy for improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. CRC is based upon an organisation not a site, as such this scheme will take up the 10% of emissions not yet covered by EUETS or CCA.

The scheme is scheduled to start in April 2010 and potential applicants are advised to pre-register with DECC to ensure that they receive information as it is developed.

Register at  http://www.defra.gov.uk/environment/climatechange/uk/business/crc/register.htm

Currently SEPA is not empowered to regulate this activity however the Scottish Government have an ongoing consultation which closes on 22 May 2009 aimed at addressing this deficiency.



As the meeting was running late no items of AOB were addressed.



DONM:– Fri 5TH June 2009
RICCARTON Board Room in Edinburgh - 10:00 for 10:30.