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Service status

Before contacting us, check the latest information on our current service status and recovery. This is updated on a weekly basis.

The quick links on this page will also help to answer common enquiries from regulated businesses and communities.

Report pollution

Report a reservoirs emergency

  • Call us 24 hours a day on 0800 80 70 60


Customer service general enquiries

If you have a general enquiry:

  • Online: Contact Form
  • Call us on: 03000 99 66 99 (Monday-Sunday 8am-7pm)

Septic tank registration check request

Special Waste Consignment Notes

You can purchase codes directly from SEPA through our website.

SWCN codes will be issued alongside your receipt. If you require SC codes for extended carrier rounds or landings of offshore waste, please email


See the Call charges on the site for more details


We are able to receive and process mail at our COVID secure Angus Smith Building for any correspondence which cannot be handled electronically.

Whilst the majority of our other offices are now open again, none of them are currently able to receive or process mail.

Any mail should be sent to:

Angus Smith Building
6 Parklands Avenue
North Lanarkshire

On a temporary basis, and until such time as this page is further updated, SEPA’s Corporate or Head Office and principal place of business is the above address. Any legal documents should be served at that address. Where any legal documents are being served, please also email such documents to (FOR LEGAL DOCUMENTS ONLY).