Prop Of Ythsie Borehole – SEPA Location Code 365224

The borehole at Prop of Ythsie was purpose drilled by SEPA in March 2008 to monitor nitrate and baseline chemistry in the Ythan area. Samples from this site are collected and analysed monthly.

Chemical analysis data are available from August 2008 to present and include physical data such as pH and electro-conductivity, major ions, nitrate, metals.

The graph below summarises the analytical results for nitrate from 2009 to present.



Figure 1. Nitrate concentrations measured in Prop of Ythsie borehole

This site also has a logger installed that records groundwater levels at hourly intervals, with data available from April 2008 to the present.

An explanation of nitrate concentrations is available in the Ythan Study pdf link (257kb)

Inorganic analysis results pdf link (6kb)

Herbicide and metaldehyde analysis results pdf link (9kb)

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