Managing flood risk in Scotland

Scotland is adopting a new approach to manage the risk of flooding.  To better plan and co-ordinate actions, we are improving our understanding of the causes and impacts of flooding.  In the past, we have relied on flood defences and flood warnings and investment has tended to be reactive rather than pre-emptive.  This approach will anticipate future flood risk more effectively, taking a long term and sustainable view. 

Watch this short animation external link to find out more about our approach to managing flood risk in Scotland. 

For the first time in Scotland, plans will be in place to manage the risk from all sources of floodwaters affecting an area whether from rivers, groundwater, coastal areas or overwhelmed drainage networks.  But you also have a role to play by recognising that we all need to take responsibility for protecting our families, property and businesses against the risk of flooding.

A consultation external link on the information contributing to the delivery of Scotland's first ever Flood Risk Management Strategies and Local Flood Risk Management Plans is now available.

This approach has been initiated by the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 external link .  A leaflet which tells you more about the Flood Risk Management Act and how it is being implemented is available here  (1.71MB).