Flooding publications

Floodline and advice Download  
Floodline Service Overview  (930kb) ORDER
Prepare for flooding - a guide for residents and businesses  (1.3Mb) ORDER
Dealing with a flood  (974kb) ORDER
Floodline service - Terms & Conditions  (686kb) ORDER
Flood alleviation products  (297kb)  
Health effects of flooding: What to do and who can help  (92kb)  
Flooding: Where it comes from and what to do  (1.38Mb)  
Flooding: what to do and who can help  (1.28Mb)  

Newsletters Download
August 2010  (180kb)
January 2011  (108kb)
September 2012  (421kb)

Flood Risk Management Download/Link
SAIFF FRM glossary  (156kb)
FRM appraisal methodology  (470Kb)
Surface Water Management Planning guidance Scottish Government external link
Flood Risk Management Planning in Scotland:  Arrangements for 2012-2016  (1.29Mb)
Flood Risk Management Strategies and Local Flood Risk Management Plans  (463kb)
The National Flood Risk Assessment  (773kb)
Map of FRM districts   (1Mb)
The role of SEPA in natural flood management  (113kb)
Eddleston Water Project  (902kb)
The new approach to flood risk management (introductory leaflet)  (1.71Mb)

Working together to deliver

Flood Risk Management Strategies and

Local Flood Risk Management Plans (leaflet)

pdf link (313kb)
Floods, dredging and river changes  (888kb)
Flood warning strategy pdf link (777kb)


FRM local advisory groups  
Forth:  Minutes of meeting pdf link (125kb)
Tweed:  Minutes of meeting pdf link (113kb)
Tay:  Minutes of meeting pdf link (117kb)
Orkney: Minutes of meeting pdf link (67kb)
Shetland: Minutes of meeting pdf link (80kb)
Highland: Minutes of meeting and presentations

pdf link (2.7Mb)

Argyll and Lochaber: Minutes of meeting

pdf link (114kb)


Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership (MGSDP) Download
Briefing note 1 - Protecting economic prosperity  (693kb)
Briefing note 2 - Making regeneration a reality  (687kb)
Briefing note 3 - Enhancing the natural environment  (183kb)
Briefing note 4 - Improved protection for flood blighted communities  (295kb)
Briefing note 5 - Improving river water quality  (2Mb)
Briefing note 6 - New Board members and new projects underway  (3.5Mb)
Briefing note 7 - White Cart Water defences pass first test  (2Mb)
Briefing note 8 - British Waterways Scotland joins the MGSDP  (1.3Mb)
Briefing note 9 - A new approach to Flood Risk Management in Scotland  (428kb)
Briefing note 10 - A new vision for the future of the MGSDP  (130kb)
Briefing note 11 - MGSDP work highlighted at Scottish Water's Glasgow investment launch pdf link (3.5Mb)
Briefing note 12 - New flood maps and Scotland's largest waste water tunnel pdf link (2.73Mb)