Floodline's direct warning service

Scotland has a new direct flood warning service.  You can now sign up to receive free advance flood warning messages direct to your landline or mobile phone, notifying you when a flood warning message has been issued for your local area.  As a result of the new direct warning service, we have made a number of important changes to the overall Floodline service.  Please read the following information carefully to familiarise yourself with the service.

Flood symbols

The flood warning symbols are used to make it clear what action the public should take to protect themselves and their property from flooding.

Flood Alert messages are issued against wider geographical areas, normally matching local authority boundaries.

A Flood Warning message is issued against an individual local warning area, so when customers register to receive flood messages they are relevant and meaningful to their local area.

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Local flood warning areas

SEPA has been working with the Local Authorities, to analyse historical flooding information and to review the alarm levels for local monitoring stations on rivers and coastal areas across Scotland; to ensure that we can accurately predict the timing and location of local flooding. This has resulted in the creation of over 200 new flood warning areas; as well as changes to how the live flood warning information will be displayed on our website.

To find out if your property is within a new flood warning area please click here.

Floodline quick dial codes

When calling Floodline to find out more information on the flood warnings that have been issued, everyone must enter a local quick dial code to access the specific information relevant for their area. Or if you are calling from the phone you receive flood messages to, our system will automatically recognise you and direct you to your locally relevant information.  

If you call Floodline and enter an old quick dial code starting 06, you will be transferred to a customer service advisor who will be able to provide you with the new code for your local area.

To find out your local Floodline quick dial code please click here.

What is the Floodline service?

Wherever you are in Scotland, Floodline is here to help 24 hours a day by calling 0345 988 1188. A recorded telephone and website service, Floodline is the reliable source for the current information on river and coastal flood risk across Scotland. As well as having recorded information on the flood alerts and warnings which are in force, advisors are available if you have a specific query.

It is also a source of advice and information to help you minimise the effect that flooding can have on your home or business.