Land publications

SEPA land publications
Title Date Topic(s) Size

pdf link A guide to agricultural waste

2007 Agriculture / Waste 936kb
pdf link Abstraction licences for irrigation: An explanation of SEPA’s charges 2007 Agriculture 127kb
pdf link Assessment of risks to human health from land contamination - Contaminated land 117kb
pdf link Better Regulation - Better Regulation 144kb
pdf link Constructed Farm Wetland Design Manual 2008 Agriculture 13.93mb
pdf link Contaminated Land Provisions 2001 Contaminated land 350kb
pdf link Controlled Activities Regulations - A Practical Guide 2013 Water 557kb
pdf link Dealing with land contamination in Scotland | (Summary document) 2009 Land 2.1mb
pdf link Diffuse Pollution: Application of pesticide 2009 Diffuse pollution (GBR) 530kb
pdf link Diffuse Pollution: Cultivation of land  2009 Diffuse pollution (GBR) 1.2mb
pdf link Diffuse Pollution: Explained 2009 Diffuse pollution (GBR) 699kb
pdf link Diffuse Pollution: Forestry 2009 Diffuse pollution (GBR) 490kb
pdf link Diffuse Pollution: Keeping of livestock  2009 Diffuse pollution (GBR) 649kb
pdf link Diffuse Pollution: Operation of sheep dipping facilities  2009 Diffuse pollution (GBR) 856kb
pdf link Diffuse Pollution: Priority Catchments 2010 Diffuse Pollution 876kb
pdf link Diffuse pollution priority catchments:improving Scotland's waters  2009 Water 876kb
pdf link Diffuse Pollution: Storage and application of fertilisers  2009 Diffuse pollution (GBR) 508kb
pdf link Disposal of Waste Soils 2002 Land 69kb
pdf link Road Planings 2008 Land 250kb
pdf link SEPA Facts: Land - Constructed farm wetlands 2008 Agriculture 273kb
pdf link SEPA Facts: Land - Improving land quality with healthier soils  2008 Agriculture 212kb
pdf link SEPA Facts: Pollution Prevention and Control - Having your say Protecting human health and communities 2008 PPC 122kb
pdf link SEPA Facts: Waste - Reducing waste and promoting sustainable use of resources 2008 Waste 142kb
pdf link SEPA Facts: Water - Improving water environments 2008 Water / Agriculture 210kb
pdf link SEPA Position Statement on Land Protection (EP-054) 2014 Land 241kb
pdf link Sheep dipping code 2006 Agriculture 264kb
pdf link State of Environment Soil Quality Report 2001 Land 3.0mb
pdf link Soil Compliance Monitoring Annual Report 2007  2008 Land 320kb
pdf link Soil Compliance Monitoring Annual Report 2008 2009 Land 647kb
pdf link Soil Compliance Monitoring Annual Report 2009 2010 Land 989kb
    Water Framework Directive publications link Water / Contaminated Land     -
pdf link Water pollution arising from land containing chemical contaminants   Water / Contaminated Land 1mb


External land publications
Title Date Topic(s) Size
pdf link The State of Scotland's Soil 2011 Land 4.9mb
pdf link Socio-economic data on Scottish soils 2010 Land 838kb
pdf link Bracken control: A Guide to best Practice 2008 Land 482kb
Guidance on assessment of redevelopment of contaminated land external link 1987 Contaminated land 12.99mb
Farm Soils Plan external link - Agriculture -
Guidance documentation on remediation external link - Contaminated land -
pdf link Guide to Good Practice for the Development of Conceptual Models and the Selection and application of Mathematical Models of Contaminant Transport Processes in the Subsurface  2001 Land 529kb
Part IIA Contaminated Land - statutory guidance: edition 2 external link - Contaminated land -
PEPFAA code external link 2005 Agriculture -
PEPFAA do’s and don’ts guide external link 2005 Agriculture -
The Contaminated Land (Scotland) Regulations 2000 external link - Contaminated land -
The Four Point Plan (4PP) external link - Agriculture -