Particles Advisory Group

Particles Retrieval Advisory Group

Following publication of the Fourth DPAG report, SEPA, Dounreay Site Restoration Limited and the Scottish Government decided that a new group was required to consider the particle recovery operation at Dounreay. The Particles Retrieval Advisory Group (Dounreay) was established in May 2009.

The Group’s objectives are: to provide expert scientific advice to SEPA on the effectiveness of the offshore particle retrieval operation; whether DPAG’s predications of particle numbers offshore and on local beaches remain valid; the criteria and possible end points for the recovery operation in the Dounreay local environment. PRAG(D) current membership is:

  • Professor Alex Elliott, Chairman (Department of Wellcome Surgical Institute, University of Glasgow)
  • Professor Tim Atkinson (Department of Earth Sciences, University College, London)
  • Dr George Hunter (Independent Environmental Consultant)
  • Professor Marian Scott (Department of Statistics, University of Glasgow)
  • Dr Andrew Tyler (Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Stirling)

A number of observers from SEPA, DSRL, HPA, NDA and a representative from the Scottish Government also attend the PRAG(D) meetings.

PRAG Meeting # Date Minutes
1 05 May 2009 pdf link (85k)
2 18 November 2009 pdf link (77k)
3 17 February 2010 pdf link (227k)
4 23 June 2010 pdf link (113k)
5 14 January 2011 pdf link (161k)
6 23 February 2011 pdf link (181k)
7 12 December 2011 pdf link (140kb)
8 2 February 2012 pdf link (207kb)
9 18 July 2012 pdf link (64kb)
10 24 October 2012 pdf link (224kb)
11 13 and 14 November 2012 pdf link (231kb)
12 18 December 2012 pdf link (151kb)
13 15 February 2013 pdf link (160kb)