Lochhead Landfill Site

Lochhead Landfill Site

SEPA acknowledges the impact odour can have on communities.

We take complaints of odour from Lochhead Landfill Site, Dunfermline seriously and are actively working with the operator to address the issues and secure compliance.

We have developed this page to share details of SEPA’s ongoing regulatory activities and progress at the site with residents affected by the odour.

January 2022 update

SEPA is meeting with the site operator weekly to receive progress updates on the works being implemented to address odours associated with their site operations. We are also reviewing the proposed works and discussing any possible additional works that can be undertaken to prevent odour emissions.

All immediate steps, agreed with SEPA in December 2022, have been implemented and a programme of works for medium term actions has been agreed with the operator.

The medium term actions include:

•  Temporary capping works at specified areas - these works are underway, subject to suitable weather conditions.
•  A programme of permanent capping works – these have been identified by the operator and preparatory works for this programme has commenced.
•  Additional landfill gas collection wells - well locations have been identified by the operator and discussions with the drilling contractor have taken place. The drilling and installation of these additional wells is scheduled to begin early Mar 2023.

SEPA will continue to engage with the site operator regularly and monitor odour complaints associated with the site operations. We will continue to carry out proactive and reactive odour assessments and inspections and take the necessary regulatory steps to ensure the operator complies with their permit.

Reporting to SEPA

When reporting:

  • Contact SEPA as soon as you become aware of a potential pollution incident so we can begin investigations early.
  • Provide as much information as you can, including the location and any relevant details.
  • If the complaint is related to odour, it is very helpful if you can be as descriptive as possible, as it can often help us in our investigations.
  • Examples of odours experienced may include 
    • like a bin
    • waste
    • eggy
    • rotten food
    • sewage
    • faecal matter
    • like a drain
    • farm spreading
    • landfill gas
    • rotten vegetables
    • burnt sewage

How do I report a pollution incident?

For other enquiries, contact SEPA using the online form.