Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay complexes

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ExxonMobil Chemical Limited Mossmorran
Shell U.K. Limited Mossmorran

ExxonMobil Fife Ethylene Plant (FEP) has issued its June 2023 update on progress towards the installation and operation of its new Enclosed Ground Flare. This and previous updates can be found on the ExxonMobil FEP website at FEP project updates | ExxonMobil UK.​

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Planned flaring at Shell's Fife NGL plant - Monday 31st July to Sunday 6th August

The following community notice was shared with SEPA on Friday 28th July:

"Next week we begin a planned ‘Turnaround’ at the Shell Fife NGL plant. The Turnaround is an important activity for the maintenance of the plant so that we can continue to operate effectively to our safety standards and industry regulations.

"In order for this work to be carried out safely we need to empty one of the plant’s modules of hydrocarbons, which will require use of the flare system. As usual, we will prioritise the use of the ground flares to minimise the impact on the community but you may see occasional periods of low intensity flaring in the elevated stack between Monday 31 July and Sunday 6 August. We do not expect each period to be for more than a few hours.

"We have informed the regulator SEPA of our intention.

"Please contact us if you have any questions or comment. Our notices and contact details are also on the plant website."

We expect the operator to make every effort to minimise the level and duration of the flaring and minimise any noise from this activity where possible.

SEPA’s ongoing air quality and noise monitoring remains in place.

Members of the public who are concerned about a potential pollution issue should contact our pollution hotline using our online reporting form. This is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SEPA’s regulatory pathway to reduce impacts of flaring at Mossmorran - 13 July 2023

A series of regulatory requirements, aimed at reducing the impact of flaring at the Mossmorran Complex on surrounding communities in Fife, has been implemented.

The Complex is home to industrial facilities including the ExxonMobil Chemical Limited Fife Ethylene Plant and Shell UK Limited. Both companies generate gases as part of their operations and, in certain situations, release excess gas through controlled burning known as flaring.

In 2018, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) set out to ensure flaring became an exception rather than routine following concerns from local residents about the frequency, intensity and potential impacts.

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