Area waste flow reports

The Area Waste Flow Reports (AWFRs) show the types and tonnages of waste moving into, around and out of Scotland in 2008.

This covers waste managed by waste management sites authorised by SEPA, but not waste moving directly from a business to a waste management site or reprocessing plant.

There are 32 local authority reports, four strategic development plan area reports and one national report for Scotland. Each report includes the following:

  • Waste generated in the area
  • Waste managed in the area
  • Waste movements through the area
  • Waste landfilled in the area

2008 data

Scotland  Pdf  Excel
 Scotland pdf link (340kb) excel link (640kb)
Strategic development plan areas  Pdf  Excel
Aberdeen City and Shire (ACSplan) pdf link (370kb) excel link (606kb)
Glasgow and Clyde Valley (GCVplan) pdf link (372kb) excel link (601kb)
South East Scotland (SESplan) pdf link (373kb) excel link (603kb)
Tayside (TAYplan) pdf link (373kb) excel link (606kb)
Local authorities  Pdf  Excel
Aberdeen pdf link (364kb) excel link (608kb)
Aberdeenshire pdf link (363kb) excel link (608kb)
Angus pdf link (363kb) excel link (604kb)
Argyll and Bute pdf link (361kb) excel link (607kb)
Clackmannanshire pdf link (347kb) excel link (601kb)
Dumfries and Galloway  pdf link (361kb) excel link (604kb)
Dundee pdf link (357kb) excel link (595kb)
East Ayrshire pdf link (360kb) excel link (605kb)
East Dunbartonshire pdf link (351kb) excel link (597kb)
East Lothian pdf link (366kb) excel link (605kb)
East Renfrewshire pdf link (353kb) excel link (599kb)
Edinburgh pdf link (358kb) excel link (598kb)
Eilean Siar pdf link (344kb) excel link (599kb)
Falkirk pdf link (362kb) excel link (601kb)
Fife pdf link (367kb) excel link (601kb)
Glasgow pdf link (369kb) excel link (605kb)
Highland pdf link (364kb) excel link (603kb)
Inverclyde pdf link (351kb) excel link (598kb)
Midlothian pdf link (360kb) excel link (601kb)
Moray pdf link (357kb) excel link (604kb)
North Ayrshire pdf link (356kb) excel link (607kb)
North Lanarkshire pdf link (364kb) excel link (602kb)
Orkney Islands pdf link (356kb) excel link (603kb)
Perth and Kinross pdf link (368kb) excel link (605kb)
Renfrewshire pdf link (354kb) excel link (598kb)
Scottish Borders pdf link (364kb) excel link (605kb)
Shetland Islands pdf link (356kb) excel link (603kb)
South Ayrshire pdf link (360kb) excel link (603kb)
South Lanarkshire pdf link (370kb) excel link (605kb)
Stirling pdf link (360kb) excel link (600kb)
West Dunbartonshire pdf link (361kb) excel link (608kb)
West Lothian pdf link (361kb) excel link (605kb)