SEPA needs to be aware of new challenges, legislation and issues. We try to look ahead so we can anticipate their impact on the organisation and prepare to deal with them effectively.

In addition to our role as Scotland's environmental regulator we also provide guidance to Scottish ministers, regulated businesses, local authorities, industry and the public on Waste management best practice.

SEPA has developed a number of pieces of guidance aimed at providing advice on the proper management of Scotland's waste.

To view a piece of guidance please click on the titles below.

Definition of waste guidance Size
pdf link Is it waste? - Understanding the definition of waste - SEPA Guidance  45kb
pdf link Supplementary Guidance to “Is it waste?" 34kb
pdf link Recycled Gypsum from Waste Plasterboard 98kb

End-of-waste guidance Size
pdf link Guidance on the Production of Fully Recovered Asphalt Road Planings  262kb
pdf link Composting Position - September 2004   35kb
pdf link Processed Fuel Oil 154kb
pdf link EU End-of-Waste Criteria for Scrap Iron, Steel and Aluminium 77kb

Special waste guidance Size
pdf link A Guide to Consigning Special Waste  1.5mb
pdf link Interim SEPA Technical Guidance Note - Mixing and Stabilisation of Hazardous (Special) Wastes  50kb
pdf link Guidance on asbestos in demolition wastes 113kb

Regulatory guidance Size
pdf link Guide to Waste Management Licensing - Please note that this document was written for SEPA staff, therefore some of the links will not work for external users. Please contact your local SEPA team if you wish to discuss any of the content in further detail. 590kb
pdf link Working Plan Guidance - Transfer Station 68kb
pdf link Working Plan Guidance - Scrap Yard & ELV 67kb
pdf link Working Plan Guidance - WWTW 67kb
pdf link Storage of WEEE under Weatherproof Cover 183kb
pdf link Guidance on persistent organic pollutants 50kb
pdf link Guidance on Small Scale Manufacture of Biodiesel  26kb
pdf link Guidance Note: Prior Treatment of Waste for Landfill   26kb
pdf link On-site management of Japanese Knotweed and associated contaminated soils   238kb
pdf link Guidance on the Standards for Storage and Treatment of End-of-life Vehicles (v 1.2)  49kb
pdf link Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and the Construction Industry   156kb
pdf link Guidance on the Recovery and Disposal of Controlled Substances Contained in Refrigerators and Freezers  400kb
pdf link The Environmental Protection (Disposal of Polychlorinated Biphenyls and other Dangerous Substances)(Scotland) Regulations 2000   33kb
pdf link Land Remediation and Waste Management Guidelines 2.61mb

pdf link The Batteries Regulations – What You Should Know 


pdf link Collection of Waste Portable Batteries from Distributors


pdf link Licensing Requirements for Battery Collection Points

pdf link Odour guidance document   1.5mb
pdf link Promoting the sustainable reuse of greenfield soils in construction 2.6mb
pdf link Waste regulation and the transport and storage of end of life vehicles 76kb
pdf link Decommissioning of fishing vessels 126kb
pdf link Export of shredded waste tyres 67kb
pdf link Provision assessment of technically competent management at licensed waste management facilities 97kb
pdf link Guidance on the Management of Forestry Waste 84kb
pdf link The Distinction between Waste Vehicles and Used Vehicles 166kb
pdf link Disposal of trees and plants infected with specific plant diseases 88kb
pdf link Export of Waste Medical Devices 89kb
pdf link Interim Guidance on the Outputs from Anaerobic Digestion of Fish Waste 85kb
pdf link Regulation of small-scale food waste pre-treatment at source 83kb
pdf link Composting and bioaerosols: distance from sensitive receptors 107kb

pdf link Determining Capacity for PPC Section 5.3 and 5.4 Activities


Guidance for developers  Size
pdf link Thermal Treatment of Waste Guidelines 566kb

Quick guides for emissions monitoring from waste sites can be found here.

Position statements.

As Scotland's environmental regulator SEPA needs to be aware of new challenges, legislation and issues, and from time to time we will issue position statements in response to a number of various factors such as changes in legislation, publication of reports, or in response to issues of concern to public or industry.

To view any of our current position statements please click on the titles below.

SEPA Position statements Size
pdf link Position Statement - Use of waste gypsum in animal bedding   11kb
pdf link Position Statement - Repair and Refurbishment of WEEE 21kb
pdf link Guidance - Licensing of Anaerobic Digestion Plants   121kb
pdf link Position Statement - Classification of outputs from anaerobic digestion processes 133kb
pdf link Position Statement - Determining when waste 'unused ' fuel ceases to    be waste   11kb
pdf link Position Statement – Independent Audit Requirement   527kb
pdf link Position Statement – Burial of small quantities of rodent carcasses poisoned on farmland   178kb
pdf link Position Statement - Developments on peat 100kb
pdf link Position Statement - Special Waste Mixing 216kb
pdf link Position Statement - Clean scrap metal offcuts 160kb
pdf link Position Statement - Monitoring clinical and healthcare waste facilities 113kb
pdf link Position Statement - Pre-treatment of clinical and healthcare waste 102kb
pdf link Position Statement - Manufacture and use of biochar from waste 88kb
pdf link 

Position Statement - Emergency or Unscheduled Work to Heat Pump Systems, Refrigeration Units and Air Conditioning Units

pdf link Position Statement - Small scale food waste storage 98kb
pdf link Position Statement - RDF storage 115kb
pdf link Position Statement - Pre-treatment of waste prior to incineration or co-incineration 78kb