Producer Compliance Schemes

Producer Compliance Schemes (PCSs) offer administrative and practical services to producers, to help them discharge their obligations under the WEEE Regulations.

Once a producer becomes a member of a PCS, it is the PCS that takes on the legal obligation to finance the costs of collection and treatment of that member's WEEE.  They do this by arranging the clearance of household WEEE from Designated Collection Facilities (DCFs) to approved treatment facilities.  In return, the treatment facilities will issue evidence of recycling back to the PCS, which is offset against their members' obligations.

Producer Compliance Schemes have numerous responsibilities under the WEEE Regulations.  The updated responsibilities are detailed in the WEEE Amendments fact sheet below.

2009 WEEE Amendments Factsheet pdf link (128kb)

Anybody can apply to operate as a Producer Compliance Scheme.  Applications must be submitted by 30 September prior to the relevant compliance year (calendar year).  Approval is now 'open-ended', however updated Operational Plans must be submitted by 31 July every year.  If at any point an Operational Plan is deemed unsatisfactory, then approval may be withdrawn.

To read more about operating as a PCS, please consult parts 4 and 7 of the UK Regulations external link (in conjunction with the 2009 Amendments) and chapter 6 of the Government Guidance external link document.

The forms required for the necessary data reporting can be found on our Forms page.

A list of approved Producer Compliance Schemes can be found on the WEEE Public Register.