SEPA transfrontier shipment of waste objectives

SEPA is committed to improving the quality of Scottish waste exports and preventing the illegal shipments of waste to and from Scotland. Our overall objective is to disrupt the illegal export of waste from Scotland and our initial focus is on:

A.      Disrupting the illegal export of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

B.      Disrupting the illegal export of mixed household waste.

We are focusing on these waste streams because of their hazardous nature and the significant environmental and social impacts they can have on the destination country. Toxic metals commonly found in electrical goods can contaminate land and water where appropriate treatment facilities do not exist. Unsorted household waste can contain a range of materials, from steel and aluminium to paper and plastic, and can even be contaminated by food and clinical waste.

If there is a lack of sorting and recycling facilities in the destination country, there is often no option other than to landfill the waste or burn it in the open.