New River Levels Website - Details

The new web site displays data from 335 gauging stations.  To accommodate this, improved text search facilities have been added as well as the ability to sort the list of level recording stations by various columns..

New River Levels Site - Text Search

An improved map interface allows zoom and pan functions.   The zoom extent can now be saved by pressing the “remember current map position” button (saving the zoom extent requires cookies to be enabled on your computer).  Pressing the “remember position” button again will reset the saved extent to a new position.  A shortcut to the zoomed view can also be added to favourites by choosing Bookmark Page.

River Levels New Map Screenshot

The graph display has been modernised and includes more background information from the station records.  The background information is different from the old site since the data needs to be generated automatically.  A new Current Level Indicator is available that displays the last recorded level in context of historical high and low levels.

New River Levels Gauge Screenshot

The latest level is highlighted on the indicator by the dashed line and adjacent pointer.  The range of high, low and normal levels has been identified as red, blue and green areas. 

For the purposes of this indicator the ranges have been defined as follows;

  • High – Above the median annual maximum level
  • Normal – Between the median annual minimum and the median annual maximum
  • Low – Below the median annual minimum

The definition of these ranges is indicative only.  Levels in the normal range may still be considered high in some respects and may be extremely dangerous for some purposes.

Changes To URL Structure

The following XLS document provides a list of all the new urls for each station and how they compare to the old structure.  You can use this to update any links to stations that you may already have bookmarked.