Timetable for Scotland

Dec 2000 * Directive comes into force
Dec 2003 * Transpose requirements to Member State Law (WEWS Act)
* Identify River Basin Districts (RBD) and competent authorities
Dec 2004 * Undertake RBD characterisation
* Pressures and Impacts upon water status
* Economic analysis of water use
* Identify heavily modified and artificial waters
* Register of Protected Areas
During 2005 * Lay Controlled Activities Regulations before Scottish Parliament
* Designation of Responsible Authorities
* Designation of Relevant Enactments
Oct 2005 * Transitional period begins for transfer of existing activities to CAR
During 2006 * Sub-basin river basin management planning due to start
01 Apr 2006 * CAR fully operational - new pollution control, impoundment, abstraction and engineering regimes start
Dec 2006 * Monitoring programmes operational
* Publish, for consultation, a work programme for river basin management plan (RBMP) production
Dec 2007 * Publish, for consultation, interim overview of significant water management issues in RBD
Dec 2008 * Full draft RBMP for consultation
Dec 2009

Publish first RBMP

* Designate heavily modified water bodies
* Environmental objectives
* Programme of measures
* Monitoring networks

Dec 2010 * Introduce pricing policies to ensure cost recovery of water services
Dec 2012 * Programme of measures to be fully operational
Dec 2013

In preparation for second RBMP

* Produce the second characterisation report
* Publish, for consultation, interim overview of significant water management issues for second RBMP

Dec 2015 * Achieve environmental objectives of first RBMP
* Publish second RBMP
Dec 2021 * Achieve environmental objectives of second RBMP
* Publish third RBMP
By 2027

* Achieve environmental objectives of third RBMP
* Publish fourth RBMP