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How we work

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We protect and improve the Scottish environment by using a combination of legislation and good practice measures.

Good environmental practices can lead to economic benefits for business and for Scotland.

To support this, we’ve established multi-disciplinary and specialist teams to help us achieve our ambitious vision for Scotland’s environment.

We employ around 1300 people across Scotland in a wide variety of roles, from scientists and regulators to administration officers and accountants, who all contribute to achieving our objectives and the national outcomes set by the Scottish Government.

More information about our corporate objectives is available in our Corporate Plan and Annual Operating Plan, both of whch are included on Our performance page.

Working across a number of departments, teams, specialisms and locations, our people work hard to ensure that the right skills, knowledge and experience are in place to provide world class environmental protection for Scotland.

To find out about working for us, visit our jobs section for details of current vacancies.