Current projects

Title Lead agency
SCAIL Agriculture  SEPA
Effect of plastic contamination on Agricultural soils SEPA
LIFE SMART Waste Project R&D – waste crime tools, approaches and techniques SEPA
Developing a methodology for the assessment of derogations from IED SEPA
What is BAT? SEPA
Quantifying ammonia mitigation from tree Shelter belts SEPA
Air Quality (3) Scientific support for regulating new onshore Oil & Gas Sector (shale gas) EA
Air Quality (4) Managing impacts from intensive agriculture EA
Enforcement - Impact of Prevention & Disruption activites EA
A Community Based Social Marketing Plan for Increased Participation in WEEE Reuse and Recyling (ColectWEEE) EPA
Beyond Neoliberalism; Values and Sustainable Consumption Behaviour EPA
DiffuseTools: Catchment Models and Management Tools for Diffuse   Contaminants (Sediment, Phosphorus and Pesticides) EPA
Environmental effects of selected fiscal instruments EPA
Furthering understanding of emissions from landfilled waste containing POP-BFRs and PFOS (FUEL) EPA
Green and blue spaces and health: a health-led approach EPA
Impact of NO2 on health with particular emphasis on vulnerable groups EPA
Innovation Water Monitoring Technologies - Topic 3 EPA
Managing invasive alien plants in Ireland EPA
Nitrogen-sulphur critical loads: assessment of the impacts of   air pollution on habitats EPA
Sustainable voluntary communities: supports for sustainable   environmental, social and economic development EPA
Water Re-Use in the Context of the Circular Economy EPA