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Recognising the important role that internal development plays in improving the quality and reliability of our science and evidence base has been a topic of our research. The results are included in the table below. We will continue to develop and improve our scientific capabilities in advance of our new regulatory requirements under the Better Regulation agenda, and from new European and domestic legislation.


Developing habitat scale DNA monitoring in support of post 2020 biodiversity reporting requirements

The overall project aim was to investigate and test the applicability of environmental DNA (eDNA)-based monitoring approaches for biodiversity assessment and reporting purposes across a broad range of habitat types in Scotland. It provided the following deliverable outputs:

The data provided from both phase 1 (pilot study) and phase 2 (main survey) delivery of the eDNA research project, funded by the Scottish Government's Rural and Environmental Science and Analytical Services (RESAS) division and supported by many key partner organisations, are crown copyright material which are being shared under the Open Government Licence v3.0 (OGL) terms and conditions. Crown copyright must be acknowledged in its subsequent use or re-use and publication; provided that OGL terms and conditions are applied, and the source of the information be attributed to the (Developing habitat scale DNA monitoring in support of post 2020 biodiversity reporting requirements) project:

*OTU Tables: The data contain Operational Taxonomic Units or OTUs which are DNA sequences found in a sample that, in most cases, are equivalent to species; however, not all OTUs can be named to species level.













Oct 23

Source apportionment of metal mine pollution in Wanlock Water using trace injection and synoptic sampling

July 20

The Tree Shelter Belts Project (Mitigation of Ammonia) produced guidance for farmers and an online tool to design your own ammonia abatement shelter belt & calculate the percentage abatement provided. Details can be found below:

Sep 19

Upgraded SCAIL Combustion is still in testing on the development server so is not published yet. It is expected before the end of 2019, and will be published on the SCAIL website.

Sep 19

Nitrogen Budget Scotland report

Sep 19
Developing a sentinel monitoring network for Scotland’s rivers and lochs Feb 18
Application of single assessment site-based vegetation survey data in Habitats Regulations Assessment for regulatory decision-making 2018
Short-term flow reduction decision framework Dec-17
SEPA literature review of short-term flow reduction ecological impacts and recovery dec-17
A Review of Recent Advances in Genetic Methods to Identify Improvements in CAMERAS Partners Monitoring Activities - Funded by Scottish Government Dec-17
Development of a nitrophobe/nitrophile classification for sand dunes 2017
Development of a rapid assessment tool using river periphyton to assess eutrophication pressures in rivers PDF icon small (668k) Jul-15
Determination of organic carbon stocks in blanket peat soils in different condition - assessment of peat condition - summary report PDF icon small (20k) Jul-14
Determination of organic carbon stocks in blanket peat soils in different condition - assessment of peat condition -full report PDF icon small (3.5mb) Jul-14
Testing soil quality indicators PDF icon small (1.5mb) Jul-13
Commissioned report: Testing soil quality indicators PDF icon small (1.5mb) Jun-13
Comparing statistical certainty of gauged & modelled flows PDF icon small (1mb) Jul-12
Development of drought and low flow indices - assessment of impact of climate change PDF icon small (307k) Jul-12
Development of drought and low flow indices - the development of drought indices PDF icon small (1.1mb) Jul-12
Restoration techniques using peat spoil from construction works PDF icon small (458k) Jul-11
Transitional and coastal waters morphology tool PDF icon small (1.7mb) Jul-11
Using genomic monitoring techniques at SEPA PDF icon small (205mb) Jul-11
Genomic fact sheet PDF icon small (170k) Jul-11
Operational use of quantative PCR in mussel monitoring PDF icon small (570k) Jul-11
Commissioned report: To establish soils indicators to assess the impact of atmospheric deposition on environmentally sensitive areas PDF icon small (2mb) Aug-10
Initial considerations of trace metal bioavailability: some regulatory experiences (Poster version) (574k) Oct-09
Rapid test method for escherichia coli and intestinal enterococci PDF icon small (1.1mb) Aug-09
Flow estimation methods for small urban catchments PDF icon small (45mb) Aug-09
The evaluation of National Accounting with Environmental Accounts (NAMEA) as a methodology for carrying out a sustainability assessment of the Scottish food and drink sector PDF icon small (916k) Jun-09
Acid waters macro invertebrate status tool PDF icon small (4.2mb) May-09
Environmental Quality Standards for trace metals in the aquatic environment  Poster (574k) Apr-09
 Control of invasive non-native species in priority mesotrophic lochs PDF icon small (2.3mb) Mar-09 
 Development of a wave impact assessment tool to support coastal flood warning systems PDF icon small (2.6mb) Mar-09 
 Near-surface disposal facilities on land for solid radioactive wastes PDF icon small (1.5mb) Feb-09
 Oil and SUDS: managing a priority urban pollutant PDF icon small (363k) Feb-09 
The Greenhouse Gas Regional Inventory Protocol: Scotland and the Highlands  PDF icon small (20.5mb)  Nov-08
Workshop report on economy-environment statistics and foot printing (using input-output techniques) PDF icon small (878k) Mar-08 
An assessment of quickbird satellite data as a routine means of assessing green macroalgal weed cover within intertidal areas for the purpose of classifying transitional waters for the WFD, OSPAR and UWWTD - Final report  PDF icon small (1.5mb) Jun-06 
Development of a nitrophobe/nitrophile classification for woodlands, grasslands and upland  vegetation in Scotland PDF icon small  (463k) Mar-06 
UKPIR03 Extension of the UK Air Quality Classification Scheme PDF icon small (1.1mb) Feb-06