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Understanding people and the environment

Research on environmental impacts of human activities, including new challenges from innovative technologies and processes, are included in the table below.


Crown Estates Scotland - Trial of the Natural Capital Protocol for land based businesses

Sep 19
Organic materials in soil Sep 19

Plastic in food waste at compost sites report

Materials to land in the cicular economy

Nov 19

Creative Approaches to Flood Awareness – report

Creative Approaches to Flood Awareness – evaluation report  

Sep 19
Assessment of organic contaminants in materials spread on land Jan 19
Strathard Initiative July 18
Effect of plastic contamination on agricultural soil March 2017

Environmental Regulation of Advanced Innovative Biotechnologies: Anticipating Future Regulatory Oversight

Stirling ecosystem approach pilot project July-14
Regulatory levers to stimulate a circular economy PDF icon small (863k) Jul-14
Review the temperature conditions and associated water quality issues downstream of major reservoirs PDF icon small (1.5mb) Jul-14
CREW - septic tanks PDF icon small (7.5m) Jul-14
Citizen science on local air quality July-13
Developing a strategic framework to support citizen science implementation in SEPA - interactive guide July-13
Developing a strategic framework to support citizen science implementation in SEPA -report PDF icon small (1mb) July-13
The future of public services- applying the social productivity model to environmental protection July-13
Measuring ecosystem services benefits of low carbon economic growth PDF icon small (2mb) Jul-12
Enhancing SEPA's understanding of PM2.5 sources and emissions in Scotland PDF icon small (8.5mb) Jul-12
Human Health NERC Fellowship PDF icon small (293k) Jul-11
Raw materials annex B – resource prioritisation matrix Excel icon small (191k) Feb-11
Annex G: Recycled agregates (raw materials) PDF icon small (1mb) Feb-11 
Annex A: Resource prioritisation matrix scoring methodology PDF icon small (1mb) Feb-11 
Raw materials critical to the Scottish economy PDF icon small (1mb) Feb-11
Raw materials critical to the Scottish economy: non-technical summary PDF icon small (370k) Feb-11
Evaluation of five additional measures of progress on sustainable development in Scotland PDF icon small (351k) Jun-09 
Source control pollution in sustainable drainage - supplementary report PDF icon small (417k) Sep-08
Land use planning (air quality) final report PDF icon small (661k) Mar-07
The conservation of biodiversity in a changing environment PDF icon small (853K) Mar-07 
Assessing the value of historic spring flow records in Scotland: a study focusing on the North Pentland Springs PDF icon small (1mb) Mar-06 
Public participation and consultation in SEPA regulatory regimes - executive summary PDF icon small (71K) Mar-06 
Public participation and consultation in SEPA regulatory regimes - final report PDF icon small (932k) Mar-06 
Persistent pollutants urban rivers sediment survey: implications for pollution control PDF icon small (246k) Mar-05 
Identification of pressures and impacts arising from strategic development proposed in national planning policy and development plans - final report PDF icon small (1.5mb) Mar-04 
Impact of industrial waste and sheep dip chemicals applied to agricultural land on soil quality PDF icon small (313k) Oct-02 
Environmental justice in SEPA's environmental protection activities PDF icon small (467k) 2004