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We plan the work we will deliver each year and regularly monitor, review and report on our performance in a variety of formats.

We plan the work we will deliver each year and regularly monitor, review and report on our performance in a variety of formats.

As a publicly-funded agency, we are required to publish our plans and report to the Scottish Government and the Scottish public on our performance.

We explain our priorities in a five year Corporate Plan and break them down into annual priorities in our Annual Operating Plan.

We monitor progress against the Annual Operating Plan via a series of corporate performance reports during the year. The reporting framework for 2016-2017 is laid out at the start of the year in "How we report our performance 2016-2017". This also gives detailed definitions of all the performance measures we have chosen this year as proxies to track progress against the Annual Operating Plan.

We produce a range of reports that explain how well we are delivering our priorities:

Read about our achievements during 2015-2016 and the progress we made towards delivering our outcomes:

Find out how well we met the Annual Operating Plan for 2015-2016, as described in Annual Review of Performance:

Every year we publish a report on enforcement action we have taken:

To see how we are progressing against our performance measures in this year's Annual Operating Plan, please see the latest quarterly performance report below:

Find out how well we are meeting our Public Bodies Climate Change Duties and keeping pace with our targets to improve our own sustainability:

SEPA's environmental performance 2015-2016

The Climate Change (Duties of Public Bodies: Reporting Requirements) (Scotland) Order 2015 requires a full climate change report to be submitted to the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN). Our 2016 report can be found on the SSN website. It covers everything from emissions data to biodiversity and procurement.

This sets out our current position and our commitment to fully embed equality as a key component of our business:

This is a statement of the steps that we took during 2015-2016 to promote and increase sustainable growth through the exercise of our functions:

Find out about our expenditure, purchasing and employee remuneration. In addition, this report contains details about partnership working and steps we have taken to improve efficiency, effectiveness and economy:

Quarterly reports on performance are also included in our quarterly Board reports.

If you have any questions about our performance or require any of these publications in an alternative format, please contact us or write to us at the address below:

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