Cyber-attack & data theft: Our response & service status

Finance enquiries

Service status

A sophisticated criminal cyber-attack has had a major impact on the way SEPA works. We are working through all the services that we provide to understand what we need to do in the short and longer term to restore services. We are approaching this work with a sense of urgency.

Payment of application fees, subsistence fees and outstanding invoices, and supplier enquiries

Payment of application fees, subsistence fees and outstanding invoices

What are we able to do now?

  • We can only accept BACs payments at this time.

  • SEPA is unable to process applications for temporary cessation of charges for activities (e.g. agricultural irrigation or fish farms) at this time. We will provide an opportunity to apply for temporary cessations for any relevant period before we invoice subject to the normal rules under section 6.11 of the charging guidance.

What should you do now?

  • If you wish to make a payment call  07388 371 621 for our bank account details or queries.

Supplier enquiries

What are we able to do now?

  • We can only deliver our services with the support of our supply chain. Our ability to communicate with our supply chain partners is currently limited.
  • Over the coming weeks we’ll be in touch with many of our suppliers to update them on the situation and seek their support in our recovery.
  • We are committed to ensuring SEPA remains an excellent organisation to work with, even through this challenging time, but want to ensure we set achievable expectations.
  • Over the coming weeks due to impacts on our systems, payments may be delayed - but all of our suppliers will be paid.
  • If you have already submitted an invoice to but it hasn’t yet been paid then please do not send a duplicate invoice or chaser email. Your invoice will be triaged over the coming weeks and paid at the earliest opportunity.

What should you do now?

  • If you are a supplier and have a query on our account with you call 07826 297 554. 
  • If you have a contract query please call 07721 238 319.

Coronavirus guidance for SEPA’s suppliers

SEPA has robust plans in place to maintain our essential services and protect the welfare of our employees during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Our offices are currently closed and we will not be receiving mail or other paper documents. We have set out below how you should arrange to make deliveries, send us invoices and how we will pay you.

Goods for Delivery

To arrange delivery of any goods please contact your named SEPA contracting officer, by the usuial route.

SEPA offices are currently closed to the public and will be unable to take deliveries without prior agreement. If you are unable to deliver goods due to the impacts of COVID-19 please let your named SEPA contracting officer know by email.

If you do not have an email address for the contracting officer then please use our online contact form.

If you have any queries or want any further information please use our online contact form.

More information on SEPAs COVID-19 response, visit

Customer queries

If you are a customer and wish to discuss or query an invoice from us please contact us by using the online contact form

If you have received a letter from SEPA Solicitor – MacRobert/ Yuill+Kyle - please contact the solicitor direct. Details will be on the letter/ documentation you have received.

Further information

Please visit our Charging scheme pages for more information on our current charging schemes. Information on the National Fraud Initiative data matching is also available.