Finance enquiries

Customer and account holders

If you are a regulated customer and need to pay an invoice from us for your account, please visit our web payments page
or contact us by email or phone 01698 839029.

SEPA will normally send you a bill to you in the first quarter of the year which will cover your charges for that financial year. We are able to offer payment plans to spread the cost of your annual charges over the year. If you would like more information please contact our Finance team on 01698 839029.

In April 2016 we revised our invoice format to include a breakdown of how charges are made up: Your invoice explained.

If you wish to purchase consignment notes (which shall be sent out by first class post the following working day)/carrier schedules visit our online payment facilityfor guidance and payment. Important note -  when you come to 'Payment step 2' please enter your delivery address if it is different from your invoice address.

Application payments

If you wish to pay for an application for a regulated process, please visit our applications web page for details.

Customer queries

If you are a customer and wish to discuss or query an invoice from us please contact us by email or phone 01698 839 029.

If you have received a letter from SEPA Solicitor – Morton Fraser/ACH Shoosmith - please contact the solicitor direct. Details will be on the letter/ documentation you have received.

Methods of payment

You can pay SEPA by:

  • Credit card, by phone (01698 839 029) between the hours of 07.00-22.00 Monday to Friday. Cards accepted are:
    • JCB;
    • Mastercard debit and credit;
    • Visa debit and credit;
    • Visa purchasing.
  • Complete the payment through our web payment facility.
  • Pay by BACS, bank transfer or standing order. Please provide a remittance advice. 
  • Send a cheque, either with the paper applications or to pay an invoice, to:

Strathallan House
Castle Business Park

Or send or visit your local office, who can accept cheques or cash.  

Supplier payments

If you are a supplier to SEPA and wish to discuss or query an invoice from us, please email

Further information

Please visit our Charging scheme pages for more information on our current charging schemes.Information on the National Fraud Initiative data matching is also available.