Waste data strategy for Scotland

A Waste Data Strategy for Scotland  (668 kb) was published by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) in June 2011. Written by SEPA and Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS), in consultation with a Stakeholder Steering Group , the strategy aims to improve understanding on what waste is produced in Scotland and how it is managed. Specifically, it seeks to deliver the following benefits:

  • Give an improved understanding of what waste is produced and how it is managed
  • Information to support the development of new business opportunities including the development of new waste management infrastructure
  • Allow businesses and local authorities to benchmark their waste management performance
  • Provide an information-base upon which waste producers, the resource management sector, the Scottish Government and regulators can work towards delivering the objectives of the Zero Waste Plan
  • Monitor progress towards domestic and European targets
  • Raise public awareness of waste management issues.

As it was being developed, the draft strategy was put out for public consultation and the views of a wider audience have helped to shape the final document. Consultation responses on the draft strategy are available (85 kb).

The first Waste Data Strategy for Scotland was published in 2000 and provided a framework for SEPA’s work on the collection, verification and reporting of waste data for Scotland. In 2008, the strategy was reviewed and updated to ensure it met Scottish, UK and European waste information requirements. In 2010, the Scottish Government published its Zero Waste Plan following the publication of the revised Waste Framework Directive and the Climate Change (Scotland) Act. This specified the requirement to produce a revised Waste Data Strategy to take account of the needs of the ZWP, and in particular the data requirements detailed in Annex A to the Plan. This led to the publication of the current strategy.