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Flood maps

Flood maps

We have launched a new BETA product to allow you to check the flood hazard and risk information for your area.

Check your flood risk now.

Our flood maps are designed to help you understand how you could be affected by flooding. The maps show you areas which are likely to flood from rivers, the sea and surface water. They don't show flood risk at individual property level. 

 Picture  View the flood maps

To help you understand our maps please use the information boxes in the menu and the help area located at the top right of the flood maps. Some of the most common questions about the maps have been answered in the summary of how the maps were developed? 

The flood maps:

  • show you where flooding may happen, so that you can take appropriate action like signing up to Floodline to receive free advance notice of where and when flooding is likely to happen

  • help SEPA and other responsible authorities to identify the most effective actions to manage flood risk and develop plans to tackle flooding
  • support emergency response to flooding by local authorities and emergency responders
  • support a more sustainable approach to managing flood risk by considering where natural flood management could be most effective
  • enable better planning decisions to avoid unnecessary development in flood risk areas.

The flood maps do not:

  • increase the probability of flooding
  • identify if an individual property is affected by flooding – the maps provide only a community level view to support decision making
  • inform insurance premiums or other commercial decisions. The terms and conditions of use prohibit use of this information for any commercial purpose
  • show the interaction between different sources of flooding – for example, the combined impacts of a river and coastal flood happening at the same time.

For help and further information about the flood maps please use our online form to contact us