Pilot catchments phase 1 project reports and appendices


Catchment Final report Appendices
Nith Nith final report (7.71mb) A - Fluvial audit method  (595kb)
    B - Geomorphic maps and features  (3.2mb)
    C - Reconnaisance survey  (1.64mb)
    D - Morphological restoration options  (313kb)
    E - Geomorphic process assessment  (2.72mb)
    F - Potential NFM measures  (493kb)
    G - NFM catchment maps  (9.73mb)

H - Catchment photographs relating to NFM assessment  (1.12mb)

    I - Modelling method for NFM assessment  (3.58mb)
    J - NFM assessment results  (2.01mb)
    K - MCA results  (200kb)
    L - Final assessment of options  (313kb)
    M - Reach summary sheets  (2.17mb)
    N - Summary of datasets used  (183kb)
Dee Dee final report (5.07mb) A- Fluvial audit method  (592kb)
    B - Geomorph maps and features  (3.41mb)
    C - Morphological restoration options  (326kb)
    D - Geomorphic process assessment  (2.09mb)
    E - NFM assessment results  (214kb)
    F - NFM assessment calculations  (507kb)
    G - Multi-criteria analysis results  (212kb)
    H - Final assessment of options  (231kb)
    I - Reach summary sheets  (1.59mb)
    J - Summary of datasets used  (181kb)
South Esk

South Esk final report

To follow
Glazert Water Glazert Water final report and appendices  (13.1mb)