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The current plans

The second river basin plans, 2015 - 2027, are informed by what we have learnt through delivering the first cycle objectives and will target improvements to where we have confidence of environmental impact, and also where most benefit will be achieved.

The river basin management plans

The plans are focussed on action to protect and improve the water environment through a phased programme for the next 12 years.

River basin management plans

The plans provide an assessment of the condition of our water environment, and identify where our efforts for protection and improvement must be targeted. They build on the first river basin plans and set new objectives for improving the water environment over the next 12 years. Details of implementation can be found on the actions to deliver RBMP page.

The Water environment hub is an online data tool that provides access to information on current condition and future targets for rivers, lochs, coastal waters and groundwaters. The system has been designed to be user friendly with easy filtering options and the ability to export data, maps and charts. Information about how to use the Water environment hub is included within the system. An updated version with waterbody sheets and all relevant data is now available.


Developing the current plans

The second plans were developed using:

Getting involved

Delivery of these objectives will require public bodies, water users and land managers to work in partnership, and take decisions on sustainable management of the water environment. It is important to make the best use of Scotland's resources and work together to deliver multiple benefits from both businesses and communities. Further information can be found on the who is involved with RBMP page.

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