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22 May 2017

Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Rosanna Cunningham visited various sites across the Clyde catchment. The visit was at the request of Scottish Government to highlight the improvements in water quality within the Clyde catchment, which have been delivered during the first cycle of river basin planning. The information pack below was produced for the visit and provides an excellent summary of works underway.

We are currently looking at the distribution of objectives in the Clyde area to identifying where we need to focus our efforts and develop delivery partnerships. RBMP coordinators will also work with our existing partners to develop the communication network for the area.

Headline projects

EcoCo: Joining up nature across Central Scotland

SEPA is a partner in the EcoCo LIFE project, which is a £2.3 million (or €3.1 million) project funded by the Life+ funding programme of the European Community. The project is about habitat restoration and creation to improve ecological coherence across the Central Scotland Green Newtork area. For the Glazert catchment this means delivering improvements so that the freshwater habitats are "bigger, better quality, and better connected". In practice this means ensuring lateral connectivity betwwen the river and the floodplin. mitigating barriers to fish and creating the conditions for instream habitat to thrive.

The project is also developing an ecological coherence protocol; a tool that can be used beyond the project to identify the best places to target improvements across Central Scotland.

EcoCo diagram

Ecological coherence protocol

SNH is the lead partner for the EcoCo Life + project. Other partners include sEPA, RSPB, Scottish Wildlife Trust, Buglife and East Ayrshire Coalfields initiative. More details about the project can be found on the project website.

Delivering multiple benefits through river basin planning – Clyde pilot project

SEPA and the Glasgow Clyde Valley Green Network (GCVGN) partnership commissioned a project ‘Ecological networks & RBMP- Clyde pilot study’ to develop an approach to align river basin planning objectives with an Integrated Habitat Network Model for the Clyde Valley. The project identified areas where enhancement to habitat networks can be combined with measures to improve the water environment, providing opportunities for delivering multiple benefits and greatest environmental improvement (e.g. reversing effects of habitat fragmentation, improving landscape resilience). The summary report and full project report are available as pdf files below:

A series of presentations were created by partners of the project, including SEPA, Entec, RSPB, SNH and the GCVGN. If you would like a copy of the presentations, please contact us

A Clyde advisory sub group has been established to take forward and implement the Clyde pilot recommendations. Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) funding will be used to produce feasibility studies/detailed plans in consultation with landowners for 4-5 sites. These plans will be of sufficient detail to enable partner organisations to implement or seek funding to deliver projects on the ground.

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Please contact us if you require agendas, papers, munites or presentations from previous meetings.

Clyde area management plan

The Clyde area management plan 2009 – 2015 was developed by the area advisory group. It has three parts: a summary document, an action table and catchment summaries. For current information about river basin planning in the area please use the Water environment hub.

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