Tweed Aag Catchments

In Tweed, we continue to work closely with the Environment Agency and Tweed Forum partners to ensure that river basin planning objectives are met within the context of the Tweed catchment management plan. We participate in the biannual Tweed stakeholder meetings with agendas, papers and minutes are available on request from Tweed Forum. We also hold smaller meetings when and where relevant. You can find out more about the Tweed Forum and their projects at

The adoption of precautions to prevent the introduction and spread of harmful organisms - pests, pathogens or invasive species- is a key task in Tweed. For information on invasive riparian plants please contact Tweed Forum and for all other aquatic life please contact Tweed Foundation

Please contact us if you require agendas, minutes or presentations from previous meetings.

For current information about river basin planning in the area please use the Water Environment Hub or for further information please contact us