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National Advisory Group

The National Advisory Group (NAG) advises on and supports the development of river basin planning in Scotland.

The NAG has a number of roles, including the preparation, delivery and implementation of the river basin management plans.

The changing role of the NAG

Advisory group engagement has changed significantly since we introduced river basin management planning. In the initial stages it was essential that views from a wide range of sectors and interests were available through a structured engagement process to help shape Scotland’s plans, and NAG members were chosen on that basis.

In the second cycle of RBMP, the focus must be on ensuring delivery in the areas of greatest challenge. At the same time we recognise that continued engagement and wide dissemination of information is important to ensure the value of RBMP is widely understood.

The membership and role of NAG must therefore evolve to meet these revised goals.

A revised role and remit of NAG requires an expanded membership to effectively communicate and deliver RBMP across Scotland. We propose to hold a large stakeholder meeting of the expanded NAG membership to coincide with key stages in the river basin planning cycle (e.g. plan publication) to discuss progress in delivering RBMP, delivery mechanisms and funding and partnership opportunities. Between meetings updates will be provided by email correspondence and available on our web pages.



The NAG is made up of representatives from responsible authorities, national stakeholders and organisations working at a strategic level.

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