Rss Help

What are news feeds?

RSS news feeds are a direct link to information on a website. They consist of a headline and a short summary which can be viewed without having to visit the website they come from. They are free, updated constantly, and are the quickest way to keep up to date with the content on your favourite websites. Any page that has the Rss Feed2 symbol – either on the page itself or next to the address in your internet browser – has an RSS news feed you can subscribe to.

How do I use news feeds?

To read RSS news feeds you will need a piece of software called a news reader. Most modern internet browsers have a news reader built in, but you can also use websites or stand-alone applications if you prefer. Instructions on how to use each method are below.

Using internet browsers to read news feeds

The advantage of using your internet browser to read news feeds is that they appear in the same way as bookmarks, allowing you to view all new content on selected sites without having to leave the page you are on. Clicking on a headline will take you to the webpage containing the full story.

If you use a browser such as Firefox, Safari, Opera or a recent version of Internet Explorer, just click on the RSS button and choose where you want to display your feeds. For help with particular browsers please click on the browsers 'Help' button.

Using websites to read news feeds

You can also use news reader websites to read news feeds. These work in a similar way to we-based email accounts like Hotmail or Gmail, except that you receive news feeds you have subscribed to instead of emails. Some examples of news reader websites are below; please follow the instructions provided by whichever one you choose.

  • Bloglines
  • FeedZilla
  • Google Reader
  • NewsGator
  • Microsoft Live
  • My Yahoo!

Using applications to read news feeds

Applications work in the same way as email programs like Outlook or Thunderbird to read RSS news feeds. Some examples are below: please follow the instructions provided by whichever one you choose.


  • Newz Crawler
  • FeedDemon
  • Awasu

Mac OS X

  • Newsfire
  • NetNewsWire