Solicitor – Reference CB00023

Solicitor (up to 30 June 2022 Fixed Term)

Flexible Location

What does SEPA do?

SEPA has a clear vision for our future role: we aspire to be an environment protection
agency for the 21st Century recognising that “the only successful societies in the 21st
Century will be ones that are very low in environmental impact”. This will require major
innovation. SEPA knows we need to support people and businesses across Scotland to
achieve this.

Traditional environmental regulation has achieved a lot. We now need to build on these
achievements understanding that the most successful societies in the 21st century will be
those that can bring environmental, economic and social objectives together. Our Statutory
Purpose encapsulates this challenge – it requires us to protect and improve the environment
in ways that also create health and well-being benefits and sustainable economic growth.
To deliver this purpose, we need a new approach to regulating; an approach that helps to
put Scotland on a path that creates prosperity within planetary limits. This approach is set
out in One Planet Prosperity - Our Regulatory Strategy.

We are recruiting this post within the Compliance & Beyond (C & B) Legal Function to
support the delivery of One Planet Prosperity.

What does the Compliance & Beyond (C&B) Legal Function do?

SEPA has two legal teams: Corporate Legal Services, which provides SEPA with a range of
commercial and corporate legal advice; and the C&B Legal Function.
The C&B Legal Function is involved in many aspects of SEPA’s delivery of One Planet
Prosperity, including its work on tackling non-compliance, improving enforcement, reforming
permissions, development of the Integrated Regulatory Framework, and development of
Sector Plans.
Our Function provides legal advice on environmental law in the context of regulatory,
administrative and criminal law. We work collaboratively with staff across SEPA to enable
SEPA to take informed decisions on managing legal risk, particularly in relation to
enforcement activities, the interpretation of legislation and the implementation of new
legislation. We also support SEPA in defending appeals or other legal challenges against its
regulatory decisions.

You can find out more about SEPA does on our website.

So what will you be doing?

(1) One of our team, Emma Blain, was interviewed for the Law Society of Scotland

(2) Alison York, our Head of Legal, took part in an in-house lawyer’s round table
discussion and in this article talked about what it is like
working in-house in SEPA.

(3) SEPA's legal team share 'a day in the life of a SEPA solicitor’
Clip 1 and clip 2

For further details please view the individual job description

What skills and attributes will you need?

Whilst you need strong legal technical skills, that doesn’t mean that you need to have huge
amounts of environmental law experience to join us. We look for lawyers with transferable
skills and experience, whether these have been gained in-house or in private practice. A
good SEPA lawyer has to be a great communicator and able to translate complex law into
plain English. You also need to be able to work as part of a multidisciplinary team and to be
pragmatic and flexible. A key part of the role is being able to think creatively in terms of
finding solutions to difficult or novel regulatory matters.

For further details, please see the person specification in the individual job description

What are the terms, conditions and benefits that SEPA offers?

You will be expected to work 35 hours per week. We have a flexitime scheme in place.

Further information on all our benefits can be found on our website.

At SEPA we recruit based on merit and are committed to promoting diversity throughout our organisation. That is why we proudly use the 'Happy to Talk Flexible Working' as well as the 'Disability Confident Employer' logos and on all our job vacancies.

When is the closing date?

The closing date for this role is 30 August 2021.


Full details of the role and how to apply can be found here.