The water environment provides us with opportunities, directly and indirectly, to improve and enrich our quality of life.

Being close to nature, interacting with our country’s open spaces, from the remotest wilderness to our favourite nature spots, offers us the chance for outdoor learning, relaxation and many kinds of recreation. The benefits can include aesthetic satisfaction and improvements in health and fitness as well as an enhanced sense of spiritual well-being. 

Indirectly, too, there are benefits to us from living in a country with such abundant natural resources. Knowing that wherever we live we’re never too far from a river, never more than fifty miles from the sea – whether we choose to brave the elements or coorie up at home, whether it’s walking the dog or swimming the tides, our connection with the world beyond our door is a profoundly valuable one.

Meet some individuals to find out how our water environment enriches their lives:

 Water of Leith photo

Ruth, Jonathan and Martha Ellis, Edinburgh

 Sea-kayaker photo

Dave Shannon, Aberdeen