In Scotland, we are lucky to consider ourselves to have abundant natural water resources as well as widespread access to clean drinking water.

From traditional industries such as farming and fishing, to more recent innovations in renewable wave and hydropower energy, Scotland has learned to make the most of its water resources – and to capitalise on them.

These industries are able to profit from our water environment. Many of Scotland’s businesses are leading the way in careful and considered use of water to benefit our economy, provide jobs, and sell distinctive and valuable products that are the envy of the world.

But there needs to be a balance between making money for our economy and the effect that can have on our water environment. We need to keep a careful eye on the waste from industry, agriculture and households that can pollute our water environment. We also need to ensure that too much water is not taken from our rivers and lochs.

Those that work closely with our water environment are particularly aware of the need to nurture it for long term sustainable use. Meet some representatives of Scotland’s water industry to find out how water, and working to protect it, has become part of their lives:

Hydropower Consultant photo
Gordon Black, Hydropower Consultant
Whisky Distiller photo
Neil McDougall, Whisky Distiller

Freshwater Ecologist

Dr Joanna Girvan, Freshwater Ecologist