Enva Composting Site

Enva Composting Site - PPC/A/1038376

SEPA acknowledges the impact odour can have on communities. We take complaints of odour from Enva’s composting site on Newhousemill Road, Blantyre seriously and are actively working with the operator to address the issues and secure compliance.

SEPA has frequently deployed staff to investigate odour both proactively and reactively. Offensive off-site odour has been substantiated on several occasions.

This page provides details of SEPA’s ongoing regulatory activities and progress at the site.

August 2022 update

On 10 August 2022, SEPA officers carried out a planned odour assessment in the area downwind of the Enva composting facility between 8pm and 10 pm.

Following a high number of complaints received this morning, 11 August 2022, SEPA officers are again visiting the area and carrying out an odour assessment.

Due to the large number of complaints we cannot provide individual responses but will provide updates via this page.

July 2022 update

Since the installation of a new odour abatement system in June 2021, SEPA has continued to receive odour complaints and substantiate offensive odour off-site from Enva. This is a breach of Enva’s environmental permit and therefore further work is required to reduce their off-site odour impact.

A trial to install Aerated Static Pile (ASP) system and Semi-permeable Membrane covers to manage odour has now been completed.  SEPA support operators taking evidence based actions to ensure that any abatement is effective. The trials concluded that a large scale system based on this technology will significantly reduce the odours emitted by the site. 

Based on this information, Enva has committed to the installation of a system of this kind.  SEPA has served an Enforcement Notice on Enva Organics Recycling Limited to require that this system is installed by the start of April. 

SEPA is in communication with Enva and the notice requires the operator to provide updates to ensure progress with these improvements and the effectiveness of the system will be assessed upon completion. Failure to comply with this notice by completing the installation of the system by that time or a failure of the system may result in further enforcement action, to be determined if required.

SEPA acknowledges that the timescale for the installation of this system is longer than initially expected however after carefully considering the enforcement options available to SEPA we have determined that this course of action has the best chance of controlling the odour issues at the site.  SEPA have a duty to be reasonable in our response to operators who have committed to undertake improvements to resolve identified permit breaches, which this infrastructure improvement should achieve, based on the results of system trials.  The installation of this abatement system represents a significant financial cost to the operator, estimated to be £2.5 million, which is in excess of any statutory penalty available to SEPA.  This is a significant series of infrastructure works which will take some time to complete.

SEPA continues to carry out pro-active odour surveys of the area around the site to monitor the current odour emissions from the site.

Members of the public should continue to report any offensive odours to SEPA as soon as they become aware of an odour and with as much detail as possible. The information provided to SEPA helps us to investigate the causes of odours. Details of how to submit a pollution report can be found below.

Site history


  • Odour abatement system for the in-vessel units due to be completed by the end of January 2021. Commissioning delayed due to COVID outbreaks and difficulties getting parts into the UK from Europe.
  • Work was completed in June 2021. Evidence suggests that this has reduced odour from this part of the site, however, other potential odour sources remain, and offensive odour is still detectable beyond the site boundary.
  • A trial to install semi-permeable membrane covers over the windrows in the stabilisation shed is due to begin in January 2022. If this successfully reduces odour from compost piles, work would be undertaken to permanently install the covers across the site. During this time waste will have to be diverted from the site to allow for works to take place. This should reduce any odour potential during the period of the works.
  • SEPA continue to have regular meetings with the site to discuss their progress.
  • Enva have held public meetings to communicate progress with residents and intend continuing to use this forum.


  • Permit variation appealed by Enva in January 2020.
  • Enva’s appeal unsuccessful (Nov 2020).
  • Enva submitted a variation application in May to increase the annual permitted tonnages. SEPA determine and issued with an upgrade condition requiring connection of in-vessel composting units to the biolfilter to provide odour control.
  • In November, Enva employed Olfasense, a specialist odour consultant, to carry out monitoring and advise on further odour control measures.


  • A permit variation was issued by SEPA in November to limit the monthly tonnage of waste accepted onto site to reduce odour.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a pollution incident?

SEPA's 24-hour pollution hotline is always available via our online reporting form at sepa.org.uk/report  or by telephone on 0800 80 70 60.

Contact SEPA as soon as you become aware of a potential pollution incident so we can begin investigations early. Provide as much information as you can, including the location and any relevant details.

If the complaint is related to odour, it is helpful for you to be as descriptive as possible so that we can try and ascertain where it may be coming from. This includes details such as the time you detected the odour, where you were and what it smelled like.

How can I contact Enva?

Pollution incidents including complaints relating to odour should be passed to SEPA. However, if you also wish to contact Enva directly in relation to pollution issues or to become involved in one of their public meetings you can do so using the email address: blantyreresidents@enva.com

Can SEPA provide feedback on investigations into reported pollution incidents?

We will provide updates via this page when new information becomes available, however, we must be careful not to provide unsubstantiated details or prejudice any enforcement action we may take.

Due to the number of reports received, we will not be able to provide an individual response to each pollution report.

How is odour regulated?

The Enva site is authorised under the Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2012 - PPC/A/1038376. The Regulations give SEPA the power to regulate activities which may cause offensive odours.