Closed : Port Edgar Holdings Limited

Permit Number: CAR/S/1158681
Location of installation: Port Edgar Marina, Shore Road, South Queensferry, EH30 9SQ
Description of Activity/Application: Sewage (Private), Secondary Treatment


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Operation and Maintenance Manual
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Date application received: 31 May 2017
Advertisement details:

Please note that this application is due to be advertised in the Edinburgh Gazette and one or more local newspapers circulating in the locality in which the activities are to be undertaken sometime between 20th July and 16 August 2017.


It has now been confirmed that the advert was placed in The Edinburgh Gazette, and The Queensferry Gazette on 28th July 2017.  The end date for representations is therefore 25 August 2017.


Any person affected or likely to be affected by or having an interest in, the application may make representations to SEPA in writing within 28 days beginning with the date of the advertisement using the contact details provided in the advertisement. A copy of the published advert will also be placed on this web page once available.

Published advertisements: Advert: Edinburgh Gazette
Advert: Queensferry Gazette
Public Authority respresentations: Authority: HES Consultation
Enviromental Assessment:


Issued documentation: Issued: CAR/S/1158681 Licence
Date of issue of Licence: 25 June 2018
SEPA's decision document:

Having determined that the proposal is not likely to have a significant adverse impact on the water environment, this application has been granted.

For further information:

Angus Smith Registry
Angus Smith Building
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North Lanarkshire

Telephone: 01698 839000

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Date advertisement added to website: 18 July 2017