Closed : Earls Gate Energy Centre Limited

Application/Permit Number: PPC/A/1157446
Location of installation: Earls Gate Energy Centre, Earls Gate Park, Earls Road, Grangemouth, FK3 8XG
Description of installation/application: Non-technical Summary (pdf - 7.49mb)
Date application received: 03 July 2017)
For further information or to make a representation, write to:

Angus Smith Registry
Angus Smith Building
6 Parklands Avenue
North Lanarkshire

SEPA can only accept email representations to as the offices are currently closed due to Covid 19 and we have no access to mail.

Date final permit/ notice issued: 07 March 2018
Final Determination: Final Permit (pdf - 3.10mb)
Final decision document: Final Decision Document (pdf - 4.06mb)