EU exit

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EU Exit – Planning for potential outcomes

Whilst the Scottish Government, UK Government and European Union continue to discuss options, the Scottish Government and Scottish public bodies, including SEPA, have for some time been proactively planning for all potential outcomes. This includes how we’ll respond to the potential for a ‘no deal’ exit.

Safeguarding Scotland’s environment

The Scottish Government has been clear in its commitment to maintain or enhance Scotland’s environmental commitments after EU exit. Whilst many environmental frameworks were rooted in EU directives, these directives were routinely transposed into UK or Scottish legislation. 

SEPA is equally clear we expect all regulated businesses to continue to comply with Scotland’s environmental laws. 

Supporting Scottish businesses

SEPA is committed to supporting Scottish businesses during EU Exit whilst maintaining protection for Scotland’s environment. 

We’re actively working with Scottish businesses and would encourage businesses concerned about how EU exit may affect the way in which they comply with environmental regulations to have early dialogue with us. We’ll listen and quickly respond to challenges as they emerge.

Further information

Information to support Scottish businesses is available at Prepare for Brexit website.

Regulatory updates from SEPA will be published here as appropriate.

For additional information specific to SEPA regulated sites, contact your site officer or call 03000 99 66 99.

Other information sources include:

The UK Government has published advice on how to prepare if the UK leaves the UK without a dealAreas covered include:

  • Waste shipments
  • Chemicals
  • Industrial emissions standards
  • Nuclear regulation
  • Climate change

Note: Not all information is available at this time. Regular updates will be made to this site as new information becomes available.