UK technical guidance

UK technical guidance aims to help operators apply best practice when complying with pollution control regulations.

UK technical guidance has been created for use alongside existing Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC), waste or other guidance.

It deals with issues included in IPPC that may not have been covered in the previous regulatory regimes, such as accidents, energy, noise, site restoration, etc.

It lays down some general standards and expectations in the UK for the techniques and standards that need to be addressed to satisfy the regulations.

The guidance will be reviewed to take account of any changes required as a result of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

The guidance documents have been arranged to:

  • provide a clear structure and methodology that operators making an application should follow, ensuring that all aspects of the PPC regulations and other relevant regulations have been addressed and assisting the operator in making a satisfactory application;
  • minimise the effort by both operator and regulator in the permitting of an installation by using clear indicative standards and material from previous applications, as well as those from accredited Environmental Management Systems (EMS);
  • improve the consistency of applications by ensuring that all relevant issues are addressed;
  • increase the transparency of the permitting process by having a structure in which the operator's response to each issue and any departures from the standards is evident;
  • improve the consistency of regulation across installations and sectors by facilitating the comparison of applications;
  • provide a summary of Best Available Techniques (BATs) for pollution control.

To assist operators in making applications, separate, horizontal guidance is also available on a range of topics such as waste minimisation, monitoring, calculating stack heights, etc.

Most of this guidance is available free through our own website or those of the Environment Agency (EA) or the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

This is a list of the UK technical guidance presently in use in Scotland. There may be additional guidance applicable to installations in other areas of the UK – more information is available from the EA or please contact us.