UK horizontal guidance

ReferenceTitleCurrent Status
H1 Environmental Assessment and Appraisal of BAT Updated, July 2003
H2 Energy Efficiency Working Draft, Version 3, February 2002
H3(1) Noise Part 1 Published September 2002
H3(2) Noise Part 2 Published September 2002
H4(1) Odour Pt 1 Draft for consultation 2002
H4(2) Odour Pt 2 Draft for consultation 2002
H5 Now included in H8 ---
H6 Now included in H1 ---
H7 Application Site Report and Site Protection and Monitoring Programme- published (applicable to England & Wales only) ---

IPPC H8 Protection of Land Guidance – PPC Surrender Site Report

IPPC H8 -Template - PPC Surrender Site Report

Consultation Drafts Version 1.0