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Declaration of Cooperation with ENPE


On 22 November 2016, George Hope (SEPA) met with the Environment Agency's Shaun Robinson and Peter Ashford representing the European Network of Prosecutors for the Environment (ENPE) to sign a formal Declaration of Cooperation between the ENPE and LIFE SMART Waste projects.

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International collaboration


The LIFE SMART Waste project beneficiaries have been busy networking and engaging with a wide variety of organisations (including INTERPOL), individuals and related EU projects to raise awareness of the project’s goals, harness expertise and to seek partners for collaboration.

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Understanding waste flows

 Waste flow_700x467

The LIFE SMART Waste project has been gathering and analysing information on the flow of waste trommel fines in Scotland as a precursor to developing innovative waste flow audit approaches (project action B5).

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Communications 'Hub' pilot is underway

 Ethernet cables_600x400

The design and procurement of the LIFE SMART Waste project’s communication ‘Hub’ has been completed, enabling a pilot launch of the Hub for project beneficiaries and a selection of external users.

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Addressing barriers to joint working

 LSW ESG workshop_700x466

THE LIFE SMART Waste project has published two reports that aim to scope and address the barriers to joint working between agencies, nationally and transnationally, on interventions to tackle waste crime.

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New Intervention Design Manual

 Operation Nortese2_700x466

The LIFE SMART Waste project has developed an innovative Intervention Design Manual for waste crime to give environmental authorities and others a framework for choosing and designing interventions and making intervention agreements with partners.

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Update on Operation Nortese

 Operation Nortese

SEPA, as the lead beneficiary in the LIFE SMART Waste project, led three days of multi-agency action – known as ‘Operation Nortese’ - between the 17 and 19 May 2016 with the aim of tackling cross-border criminal activity in the UK waste industry.

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Cross-border days of action, May 2016

LSW Waste crime leaflet_May 2016_400x283

As a prelude to a series of planned LIFE SMART Waste project interventions using an innovative, collaborative approach, SEPA is partnering with a range of enforcement agencies to undertake three days of action during 17-19 May to tackle cross border criminal activity in the waste industry. 

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