River Basin Management Planning

Rbmp Banner ImageRiver basin planning is essentially about protecting and improving Scotland’s water environment in a way which balances costs and benefits to the environment, society and economy.

While Scotland’s water environment is generally in good condition, a variety of activities are putting pressure on our water environment.

By developing and delivering river basin management plans for the Scotland and the cross-border Solway Tweed river basin districts, we set out the measures required to address these pressures and meet the requirements of the European Water Framework Directive.

Latest news

The consultation digests for the second river basin management plans are now published.

We would like to thank the wide range of responsible bodies, industries and stakeholders who have helped us refine the objectives and strategies to address the challenges facing our water environment. Only by working in partnerships will we be able to achieve the necessary improvements to Scotland’s water environment.

We are in the final stages of producing the second river basin maangement plans for the Scotland and Solway Tweed districts. They will be submitted for approval by the Scottish Government (Scotland and Solway Tweed) and Secretary of State, Defra (Solway Tweed) in October, with a view to publishing them in December 2015.

What are the river basin management plans?

What are the river basin management plans?

We have a successful track record of protecting and improving the water environment through planned programmes of measures to manage and reduce pressures.

The river basin planning cycle is in place to help us engage effectively, assess risks to the water environment, plan and agree actions and review progress.

A plan is produced at the start of each cycle, which summarises:

  • the state of the water environment;
  • pressures affecting the water environment where it is in less than good condition;
  • objectives for protecting and improving the water environment;
  • actions or measures for improvement or protection.

Scotland’s first river basin management plans were published in 2009. The second plans are due to be published by the end of 2015.

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