Accessibility statement

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is committed to making its services available to everyone who needs to use them, irrespective of their age, race or disability.

While we aim to make all content accessible, there may be some exceptions with older content or media (for example PDF documents), which may not be optimised for accessibility. We are working to resolve this. Contact SEPA Equalities if you require a document that you cannot access, or you require in another format or language.

This website is designed to be optimized for the current versions of all the major web browsers. We have tried to make sure that all functionality is available on older browsers. Accessibility is improved if you have the most current version of your browser.

For information on how to make use of accessibility settings within your browser or operating system, please visit the BBC website which has a range of tips and suggestions relating to this and other accessibility issues.

If you uncover any content that does not meet your access needs, please contact:

Full details of our commitment to accessibility and equalities requirements are available on our website.