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Advice for abstractors and irrigators

Everyone is strongly encouraged to build water resilience into their business as this can help with plans for the future. By taking the right steps now, it could help reduce the impact of water scarcity in the future.

The summer months are a crucial time of year for water demand. Abstractors and irrigators are advised to manage water wisely to minimise the need for restrictions:

  • Check our regular water scarcity reports so you are aware of the water situation in your area. 
  • Regularly check your abstraction equipment to make sure it’s in good condition and fix any leaks straight away.
  • Where possible, reduce the volume and rate of your abstractions.
  • Have a contingency plan if suspensions are put in place: 
    • Have you any stored water available? 
    • Can you switch to an alternative source, if available within your current authorisation. 
    • Can you temporarily switch to ground water? (either via the full application route or for use only in times of water scarcity) Please contact us for help and advice.

Best practice for irrigators:

  • Work with neighbours to minimise and stagger abstractions to make best use of available water.
  • Assess your drought risk by considering:
    • your resilience to dry spells. Think about crop demand, types and requirements, soil type, your abstraction licence volume, storage and groundwater availability.
    • how does water resource availability align with your planting programme?
  • Work out the costs and benefits of irrigation and the value of water to your business. This will help you to plan investments in equipment and infrastructure. Consider if there are more innovative ways of working that would improve your water use efficiency.

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