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Position statements

These set out our approach to particular issues that arise during the regulatory process:

Regulatory methods

These set out the process SEPA follows when assessing all applications:

SEPA supporting guidance

Documents produced for SEPA staff, which we have made publicly available, and documents produced by SEPA specifically for external use:

  • WAT-SG-17: Modifications to Deemed Registrations: Disposal to Land
  • WAT-SG-18: Modifications to Deemed Licences Subsistence COPA
  • WAT-SG-19: Modifications to Deemed Registrations: Non-Subsistence COPA

The three above procedures have been archived as, under CAR 2011 regulations, there is now no determination step for the transfer of COPA consents and Groundwater Authorisations into CAR.  

Bank protection guidance

 Gold Panning Guidance

Water Source Heat Pump Guidance

Biosecurity and non-native species

Pollution prevention guidelines

We are currently replacing the PPGs with updated versions which will be known as GPPs.

All PPGs and GPPs can be found on the NetRegs website.

NetRegs: PPGs and replacement GPPs