Review of Radioactive Waste Adviser scheme

Who is reviewing the scheme?

The scheme is being reviewed by the RWA Approval Board that is made up of the four UK environment agencies: the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, and representatives from the nuclear and non-nuclear industries.

Why are we reviewing the scheme?

We published the Environment Agencies’ Statement on Radioactive Waste Advisers in May 2011 together with the RWA Syllabus and other guidance relating to the RWA scheme. We would normally review the Statement and associated documents every five years but because this coincided with the ending of grandfather rights we waited until this year to review the scheme to allow time for the scheme to be fully operational. The review also considers any changes needed to transpose the 2013 Basic Safety Standards Directive.

What changes are we proposing?

We have made some minor amendments to the Environment Agencies’ Statement on Radioactive Waste Advisers and Guidance on requirements for Assessing Bodies and combined the guidance on:

  • Roles and responsibilities of permit holders and Radioactive Waste Advisers,
  • Suitability of Radioactive Waste Advisers and
  • Corporate Radioactive Waste Advisers

To help identify the changes that we are proposing we have provided a summary on the front page of each document:

What do you want me to do?

We are seeking your views on the proposed changes to the Statement and Guidance and would like you to let us know your thoughts on them.

We would also like your views on the RWA Syllabus. We have not proposed any changes but are seeking your input on whether there are any topics:

  • That should not be included,
  • That should be included,
  • That are difficult to demonstrate competence in.

Please send any comments to by 26 January 2018.

If you have any questions on the review please contact us at